JFK Prep, St. Nazianz, WI, 2005
JFK Prep is a former seminary located in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin. It's history includes a group of German priests forming a utopian colony, founding of the village, several fires over the years and is currently not open to the public. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO GO THERE without prior permission from the owner. You will be arrested, fined and tossed in jail. My group investigated over a period of months, with the owner's consent
"Burn the earth"
Recorded in the first hour of our first walkthru.
First EVP reversed.
Now it sounds like "Nazianz"
"Burning Nazianz"
I was chatting with another investigator when this was recorded. This is my first ever EVP.
"Oh Shit"
My camera malfunctioned and this voice was heard as I was trying to revive it.
Response to a question
Response to the same question a month later
In the same area, as we were discussing a possible orb in a photo.
"What about me? Couscous, s'il vous plait!"
Recorded in the old bakery. Amplified and noise-reduced version. This could very well be another investigator, but why on earth anyone present would say this is beyond my comprehension. It sounds like one of the ghosts thinks he's ordering a dish of couscous in Morocco! Confirmation is being sought.
"You leave soon!"
We are in the basement below the library and apparently are being told to leave. Again this COULD be one of our investigators but I don't remember anyone saying anything like this. Confirmation is being sought.
German for "fright!"
Going to the "Satan Room"
The "Satan Room" is a room in the Old Dorms where it is rumored that Father Oschvald had an encounter with Satan. However this is not possible, as Father Oschvald had passed away long before the building was even constructed. Another theory is that another later priest had a struggle with Satan in this room, but there is no proof of that. If a priest had a "struggle with Satan", it may be an allegorical reference to someone having a personal problem with alcohol, abuse or other malady that was often equated with "Satan". In this file, we have a tour group going through the building. One of the tour members asks a question and there MAY be a response. You decide.
After "Ave Maria"
I had sung in the old church and got this response afterward.
"Simply want to say to the lord"
This is the previous "Ave Maria" file REVERSED!
Another singer?
This is the last portion of "Ave Maria". In about the middle of the clip, you can hear a slight "snap" which is sometimes an indication that a voice is going to come through. Then suddenly I seem to have an "echo" where I didn't have one before. Toward the end, the "echo" almost sounds male. See if you agree with me.
"Oh Come All Ye Faithful"
This is me singing. During the song, you can hear a stringed instrument being plucked and at the end, a possible response to my question "did you like that?" in the echo.
"Not happy if there's anything around you"
I was alone for a few moments and VERY nervous. I could sense something close to me.
"Be enthusiastic"
Recorded in the library
A door closing
This is from a camcorder left alone to record in the library. There was no one in the area, yet you can clearly hear what appears to be a sliding door opening and closing. The catch is that even if humans were present, there are no sliding doors. It should be noted that the building is a library in name only--there are no shelves, furniture or other types of library equipment or furnishings present.
Another door closing
from the same session as above.
"Bake bread"
Going through the former bakery in the basement of the old dorm.
Old dorms
Could this be "poked ya" as something seemed to pluck the wire spring stand of the big flashlight I was holding.
An exchange
I'm talking to the spirits telling them that we're nervous because we're not sure who they are. A dialog appears to happen as I seem to get the responses "get back here" and "you're not?" The voice in the beginning is one of the other investigators calling to yet another investigator "Shorty" in another room and these voices could be from those two people, though they were asked repeatedly not to whisper.
A cracking sound occurs as we are walking around the 4th floor of the old dorms. This sounds like a whip cracking or a wooden yardstick. It also could be a sound that I've noticed occuring just before an EVP is recorded, but no voices were found in this section.
None of us is named Peggy. Is it the voice's name?
A cough
4th floor old dorms, during a geiger counter session.
Odd noise
4th floor old dorms during an EVP session. My husband is talking to the spirits about how the building seems to be a magnet for activity.
Reversed verson
of the file above reveals an answer in the odd noise, "it's difficult". I did a test file to see if this indeed was "it's difficult" in reverse with my own voice. Here are my test files. See if you agree--it is a reversal.

This is my voice saying "it's difficult".
This is a reversal of my voice saying "it's difficult" backwards.
This is the original EVP amplified.
This is the EVP reversal, amplified.

Private residences
"Get out of my people's room"
I was sitting alone in the front room of this house. The male voice at the end is my husband.
"Killed myself"
Recorded at a home that has not yet been investigated. The owner's dog barked loudly just before this EVP was recorded.
The same EVP as above caught on the camcorder
At my home
At one time I refused to record for EVPs in my home, not wishing to encourage any more activity here than there already is. But curiosity got the best of me and I did make a few recordings. The results are below. I don't recommend doing this--you may not like coming to realize that you are not alone in the house when you once believed you were.
"Nipple dog?"
Recorded at my house. Our big lab was licking incessantly and I recorded this near her. It could also be saying "that's enough!" LOL!
"Dog bites"
"Nipple dog" reversed!
"In the attic, we're in the attic"
Again in my house. Are they trying to tell me where they are? This rental house has a sealed attic--we can't get to it.
"Clock ticking"
This is extremely faint. I was recording but made a note on the recorder that there were clocks ticking. This voice seems to echo me.
"I love snakes"(?)
Again in my home. This sounds like "I love snakes" but it could be anything.
"Hey pervert!"
Again, in my house. No one wants a smart-assed ghost.
"Hey pretty thing, watch the bird"
At first I thought this was one of my two parrots, but they don't whisper. They usually whistle or speak plainly. If this is not the birds, it confirms that I have at least one smart-assed ghost in my house at least part of the time. This does tell me something else--as time goes on and more attention is paid to them, they are getting louder and more understandable though they are still pretty faint.