Barry's photos in the "suitcase room"
The investigator sitting in these photos is Michael. The investigator who took these photos was Barry. The others who were present were Matt, Katie, Keith, and Jaeson who were all sitting in a circle. The owner was also present. We asked, "If there's a presence in this room, show us a sign and then we'll leave and won't bother you again." Soon after, Michael stated that he sensed an entity had come into the room. That's when these pictures were taken. We've been in this room many times, we know it extremely well, and there are no reflective surfaces. Barry tried to recreate these pics using her finger, but after many shots of her fingers and of the side of the chair, she still can't find anything she can use to dismiss those shots - the closest she can get is holding her finger a good three or four inches out in front of the camera lens, which is very tricky and awkward to do and not a natural position to snap pictures in, but even then the base and sometimes the tip of her finger glows a pink/red and not a solid white. (You can view this pic in our blog section.) It is also not a camera strap. Jaeson tried to manipulate the image to see if he could make the ridges in her fingertip show up but he was unsuccessful. This is also not a pic Barry's shirt sleeve in front of the camera, as we have pictures of her wearing a short sleeve pink tee shirt just minutes before these pics were taken. Is this some kind of energy surrounding Michael? Possibly. Is it a dead person? That's a whole other debate.

Click on the small photos to see the larger ones. I've also created some "negative" versions that you can click on below each photo.

Photo 1

Negative version

Photo 2

Negative version

Photo 3

Negative version

Photo 4

Negative version

Photo 5 - Energy has "burst" into several orbs.

Negative version
EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. In theory, it's the recording of ghost voices. You don't hear anything when you're recording, but then when you play back your recording you do. When we record for EVP, we start by having everyone identify themselves into the recorder so we know what their voice sounds like. Then on our investigation, we talk at normal volume and don't whisper. If we hear any sound while recording (a stomach grumbling, a car going by), we say "that was a stomach" into the recorder so we don't later mistake it for an EVP. As much as possible, we also record our EVP sessions with a video camera, so if we still get something we can't identify, we can look at the video to see what it is.

We're also skeptical of EVP because sometimes your voice recorder can pick up radio transmissions. However, there will be some EVPs that we can't explain, like when we get an intelligent answer to a specific question.
--Matt Schenk

Please note: the files presented here may be filtered or converted to a format other than the original. If you are interested in hearing the original file, please contact Matt and he will put you in touch with the recording investigator. If the file was recorded by Katie, you can email Katie directly.


This was recorded by Mark at JFK Prep in August 2005, in the basement under the church. The voice that says, "What should we do with this place?" belongs to the owner who was there just to check up. Then you hear Barry repeat, "What should we do with the place?" The others present were Kurt, Mark, Rhonda, and two other investigators from another group. None of them remember hearing what you hear next. If someone had said this just as a prank, we think someone would have heard it and said "that was so-and-so…" or someone would have made a mental note of it. If it was just someone clearing their throat, it's pretty creepy-sounding and we think someone would have had to ask "what was that!?" Also, someone would have stated "that was so-and-so clearing his throat…"

"Christmas Phone"

This isn't technically an EVP. This was recorded by Kurt at JFK Prep in October 2005. An hour before this was recorded, a group of us (Katie, Keith and Jody) were singing hymns in the church as an experiment to try to get a reaction. When they ran out of hymns, they tried singing Christmas carols,though it was early October. Then about an hour later, Kurt and Mark were camped out on the first floor of the old dorms (which leads into the church) when Kurt's cell phone began playing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". They didn't find out about the other group singing Christmas carols until later. Kurt says he knows his phone inside and out and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" is not anywhere on it. He says the sound played at a much lower volume than his other ringtones and it seemed to be coming not from the speaker, but more from actually somewhere inside the phone. He says his phone isn't very advanced, so there's no way someone could send him the sound without him knowing. It could have been a glitch or some kind of hidden Easter Egg on the phone, but why would it play that song in October?

"Go away"

This was recorded by Michael at JFK Prep in August 2005, on the fourth floor of the old dorms. Matt and Michael were the only ones in the building at the time. Everybody else and the owner were in the renaissance building packing up and getting ready to go home, but Matt and Michael wanted to check the "suitcase room" one last time. Michael says, "School is officially dismissed for you, thank you." Then in the background you hear a strange noise that was not heard at the time, and over that you hear Matt say, "It's really pissed at you." Matt said that because the air felt heavy, though he says they could have just been scaring themselves. The two knocks you hear at the end are just Michael. We think we know what this is saying, but we don't want to tell you before you listen to it because then that's what you're going to hear. Take a listen to it and then email us what you think it's saying.

"Burning Nazianz"

Recorded on May 1, 2005 by Katie during our initial walkthrough of the old school building. Katie and Barry have stopped to chat somewhere on the first floor and this came through. It's remarkable because "Nazianz" is the name of the town where the school is located and has a history of major fires.

"Burn the earth"

Again, recorded May 1, 2005 by Katie. Recorded after are entering Father Oschvald's crypt in the Salvatorian Cemetery just above the property.

"Ave Maria"

Recorded October 8, 2005 by Katie. One way to stimulate activity is through music. Katie, Keith and Jody were in the St.Ambrosius church nave, trying to record for possible EVPs. Katie decided to sing Schubert's "Ave Maria". A few moments after she finished singing, this voice came through.

"Oh shit"

Recorded May 1, 2005 by Katie. Katie's camera has failed and as she is fussing with it, a voice came through.

"No retribution"

This was recorded by Michael at JFK Prep in August 2005, while the owner was showing us an underground tunnel connecting the renaissance building to the basement under the church. Michael says, "Helloooo?" Then at 5 seconds you hear two words that we can't identify as any of us, and it's just not something we'd be likely to say. Everything after those two words is us talking. The others present were Barry, Jaeson, Matt, and the owner. As always, we won't tell you what we hear because then that's what you're going to hear. Take a listen, and then email us what you think it's saying.